Christ and christian culture

If there has been anything more confusing and more inexplicable than any other throughout the story of mankind, it’s unquestionably the heart of man. As a matter of fact, God asks the question, « who can know it ? » (Jer 17.9)

The past US election reveals how knowing and mastering the Scriptures are not enough to validate, if we can speak that way, one’s heart biblically. After quoting every verse, one may find himself so far from the reality of the Gospel that you wonder the impact of biblical words in the thinking process. At the center of the conversation, we had some arguments which came as defenders of Donald Trump’s mandate. After accusing the media of lying, some of the advocates of the former president had to recognize his distorted behavior, sinful words and acts, and shameful attitudes.

Yet, excuses were found to condone his ‘style‘ and nature. Specifically by Christians. So, permit me to address you regarding your support for your champion, whoever he/she might be, by the way.

Man, values, or faith?

You said, ‘we didn’t elect a pastor. God can still use (and has used) him, even if he’s an imperfect man and a sinner, for His purpose‘.

So, please, dear brother and sister in the Lord, following your logic, pray God to do the same with Biden and for the authority of your country, state, or place where you are. Ignore the Democrats’ standpoints values on sexuality, abortion, etc. As he could stand for some ‘good‘ Christian value on any occasion.

When that person (the authority, Biden, or anyone else) will sin or promote his own kind of sins, different from the ones Donald Trump made, please just pray and do not feel offended. Rather, excuse him and cover yourself up with the idea that God has a secret plan He’s fulfilling, which can only be understood by spiritual men. And, if he/she has some Christian deeds, words, or guidance during his/her mandate, please shout a big ‘amen!’. Right?

Can you perceive the nonsensical point of such reasoning?

Search your heart

Searching your heart, don’t you think it might be led by a god who is governed by human agenda, superstars pastors directives, tweaked and one-sided Scriptures interpretation, cultural and traditional way of doing?

We ought to be more vigilant, more Christlike, more Scriptures influenced. Desperately.

Folks, honestly, how many times have we been so blind to the point we put aside our Bibles just to comfort our (historical)  convictions, forgetting sometimes that politics have their own hidden agenda and using your vote for their purpose? When we’ll face the Lord, can we boldly and confidently stand before Him and boast about the support we’re providing for our political champions while ignoring His command? Do we even realize we might preach, deliver, cast out, prophesy, teach in the name of the Lord, yet being unknown and rejected by the Lord, simply because we didn’t love and He didn’t know us (fit into our works and motives)?

Solving the sin problem

You might say, ‘well, we want to see Christian values in the society by voting this or that candidate’.
Ok. That’s good.

If we take a serious look at the Scriptures, we’ll discover that the God of the Bible has never initiated the change in the heart of any single man by putting a sword (gun) on his head, neither forced men, even His first choice people to follow Him. Up to the point they killed His Son. Rather, He demonstrated the salvatory work of His grace by showing how much the Law couldn’t change people; it only points to their sin, without delivering them.

You hate [put a sin]?
Good. God, too.

How do we change people, convert them to Christ?
Persuade men with Scriptures, kindly, hoping the Lord will convince them about Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross (and the whole Scripture) when His Spirit will visit them. The law, which is good, had no power to turn somebody into a child of God.

You do change society negatively from top to bottom (leaders to people), rather than from bottom to top.
You do NOT change society positively from top to bottom (leaders to people), rather than from bottom to top.

Because a leader is always is in one way or the other, the will of the people.

So, don’t you ever dare think that if at a certain time, people are obeying the Law, God is highly glorified. They are just religious. Because the motive matters. A woman can stop abortion, not because of the fear and conviction of the Lord, but because of the law, the threat of community, or simply it comforts her as a sign of belonging to a group.  But this is not the product of the Gospel. Remember the rich man, who fulfilled the ten commandments and what the Lord said? Remember the Good Samaritan story, the question about the purpose of the creation of the Sabbath day, the humble publican and the proud priest prayers parable, the poor widow gift, the adulterous woman,  and how Christ produced changed in her heart?

Christ-Jesus came to share with us His nature, be and live with us so that our acts will come out from a good and scriptural led heart; a heart of flesh and not a heart of stone. You see, change must be there as a sign of genuine repentance. But it’s a work of the Spirit in people’s hearts, through our sound and bold preaching, unceasing praying, and faith in His promises. Not forcing (like Crusades in Middle Ages).

Run for your life!

Preach the Word.
More important, LIVE (by God’s grace) the Word.

Don’t be religious; it will provide a sense of righteousness but it’s the path to destruction and the registration into the Great Babylon movement. Remember, the end will start in the house of God and I’m afraid we’re witnessing the shift from Gospel virtues to cultural and religious traditions; some satanic. You may even serve the Church, yet not serving Christ. Your good health, agenda, prosperity, promotion, results are not signs of Christ’s approval.

Pray for yourself. And I pray for me. Read the Word and apply it at all costs. Your denomination, pastor, community, friends, convictions, political champion, political party, ethnic tribe, your personal situation will NOT save you or defend you when the Lord will ask you about the deep motivation of your works and words that coming day.

Be wise and run for your life!


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