One simple strategy to fight against masturbation

If you find yourself still entangled with besetting sin in your life, causing you not to rejoice in Him, be of good cheer. The sadness you fill now has been generated by God so you could cry out to Him, get delivered and live peacefuly and joyfully. In this short review, my intent is not to boast at any cost or to feel superior to somebody. We all face this and we all need God’s grace on a daily basis, while we spend our time in this physical body. So, don’t feel frustrated as you read this, those tears you shed will soon be turned into explosion of joy, once Christ the Deliverer operates His work in you, by His Spirit.

As I face sexual temptation every day, this is how the Spirit of God leads me to proceed :

1. Identify why the need of pleasure rises.

Stress? Anger? Frustration? Ultra-confidence? Euphoria? Rejection? Sense of failure or noneness? Loneliness? Need of recognition? Unanswered craving? Unhealed past wound? Idleness? The point is, the need for pleasure comes as a wrong answer to a specific desire.

2. Get and reply back to myself, the biblical answers for this.

For instance,

If I feel lonely/rejected, I can use verses like « I will never leave you, nor forsake you, I am with you til the end« . (Heb 13.5)
If I’m frustrated, « All things work for my good in Christ« . (Rom 8.25)
If I’ve failed somewhere, « My grace is enough« . (2 Cor 12.9)

3. Then, I war in prayer to let those biblical truths sink deeply in me.

I proclaim them with authority, making sure I shut down the sin medium (TV, phone, magazines, pictures, sounds, words, even my memory, etc.). I do this standing, walking, subduing my inner self by my spirit, in Jesus name. For the spirit commands the body. Be violent, get angry against you, against your flesh! Rebuke it, rebuke yourself for wanting this! Speak and command yourself to stop watching that programm or to gaze that picture. Hate yourself, not as to suicide, but to invoke God’s power to overthrone your carnal desire and turn you into a needy, miserable, qualified soul longing to receive His bountiful mercy over this.

4. When I feel sin floods are no more there, I start longing for God.

If I end up there, very soon the strong man will come back again, and more stronger than before. So, I quickly jump into consecration. I litterally cry and beg Him to fill me with the affections from above. I plead with Him to overwhelm me with His beauty, love, life, wonders, divine call, the truth of His promises, etc. Reminding myself of what I read in His Word, how He promised to be with me, how He’s enough for my joy, how He loves me, He died and rose from death for me, promising to use me and preparing a place in Heaven, etc.

…whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things arepure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Phil 4.8

5. Then comes phase « worship »

Where I see myself as who I am really: a small and undeserving soul saved by a big and loving God. At that moment, I want nothing more but to flow with Him until I’m exhausted and full of His love.

The framework that leads to daily victory

I came to understand that if I failed in whatever sin, it’s never because the prison or its enslavement, is that so strong. It’s because, I don’t let myself carried away by Him. So, the key is:

« Do you really love God up to the extent that you hate sin ? ».

Holy Spirit honest question to me

No victory is given if I keep holding, entertaining and maintaining any love for pleasure. It’s a war and I need not less than being violent against myself if I want to succeed in this; counting on His grace for victory. God will only reside in my strong willingness to cry after Him and then, provide the way out.

The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

Psalms 147.11

Whenever I think that masturbation nullifies the level of my love to God, I’m broken. I can’t be a wonderful person, handsome boy, lover of His Word, prayerful man and see my consecration ruined for days just because of a single act of few seconds.. What a waste of time and joy! I’m precious to Him. My life is meant for greater purpose. There is so much to enjoy when free, victorious and blossoming in Christ. So, I resign on me and sell my deepest longings to His perfect will for me. His joy are far better than any other cravings; that’s why I was saved!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the Spirit of God is right now, waiting for you (and me) to tell to yourself, « enough is enough; I want to stop enjoy sin and love Jesus more!« . It works! I repeat, it works! To the glory of the Father. God still loves you and will deliver you totally; in Jesus-Christ name!

Two last things…

Don’t wait for temptation to come before you get used to battle. Even, when you are in a timeout, take 5 minutes to pray and ask God to fill you with heaveny affections.

Also, don’t inquire and worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow cares about itself and new mercies are provided by God. Concentrate on today; all is done one day at the time.

One wonderful video, from @JohnPiper that can help too :


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